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10 Outstanding DIY iPhone Hacks

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tramite - You name it. We hack it. di Joe L il 13/11/09

The iPhone has so many built in sensors and functionalities, no wonder it's a constant target for hacks and mods. Over the years, we've compiled dozens of iPhone hacks and mods and these are the best of the bunch:

  1. DIY Multi-Room Wireless Music Remote

    With the help of some external hardware and a handheld wireless device such as an iPhone or iPod touch, you can build your own wireless music remote. It's a bit spendy if you don't already have an Iphone/iTouch and a router, but there's a step by step tutorial to guide you through the setup build.

  2. DIY iPhone Controlled Car (Complete Control)

    These guys took an iPhone and using a special app, the onboard GPS and Wifi along with some serious modding they managed to make a life size R/C car. I bet it was difficult to drive using the six-axis in the iPhone but it's still a great mod. Learn how it was done in an upcoming post. Subscribe so you don't miss it.

  3. iPhone Controlled Mazda (without gas and break)

    By tapping into his car's onboard wifi and diagnostic systems, this hacker can control his car from anywhere in the world. He's able to start the engine, pop the trunk, lock/unlock, and view all vehicle diagnostics from his iPhone. As seen in the video, electronic controls are housed in the trunk along with an Arduino to help process commands.

  4. How to View your Webcam on your iTouch or iPhone

    In this tutorial, we'll be showing you how to watch a live feed from your webcam on your iPhone or iPod touch from anywhere in the world. Setup is pretty simple, basically just download and install a windows program and the necessary app and you're ready to stream live.

  5. Build a Solar-powered iPhone Charger

    How many times has your cell phone died in the middle of the day because of its lousy battery life? You have several options: you could recharge via wall socket, via USB, through an external battery or the green way, with a DIY solar iPhone charger. Don't forget to pick up any needed supplies for this build (including solar panels) at our store!

  6. Make a Laser Matrix Projector for the iPhone

    The idea is to add some kind of projector capability to mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) that isn't too complex or expensive. Instead of using an expensive mini projector, I decided to use lasers instead to any bitmap font using a matrix of laser points, which is controlled by iPhone.

  7. How to: iPhone as a Wireless Router for your Laptop

    Transform your iPhone into a wireless router, allowing you to connect your wifi deprived laptop to the internet anywhere phone service is available. It's also perfect when you're browsing the web but the small screen is too cramped. Now you can easily switch over to your laptop for a larger viewing window.

  8. RC Car Controlled Via the Web

    Strap on a standard Linksys router to an RC car and you can wirelessly control it through the web from up to 1640 feet away. It's also equipt with a webcam and operates through a brain comprised of PIC microcontrollers or the Arduino's ATmega168. The in depth tutorial will guide you through the build.

  9. Home Automation Using the iPhone and X10

    Like most people, we're huge fans of home automation. We've even covered quite a few ways people have used Twitter to automate your home. This time, however, we'll be automating our homes by managing SmartHome's X10 home automation modules using the iPhone.

  10. The Rockband Robot iPhone.

    This guy obviously wanted to break a world record in Rockband because he built a robot to attach to his iPhone that plays it perfectly for him. It works by light sensors telling the prosthetic fingers when a note is coming up and driving a motor to press the screen and thus play the note.

Honorable Mention: How to disassemble the iPhone and unleash your hardware hacking skill.

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