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POV Globe con Arduino

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If someone telling you that you can build a POV Globe, by only using an Arduino (ATmega328P) and 72 SMD LEDs, what is your first expression? Honestly, you might be feeling shocked and didn't believe on it, isn't it? Well, sometimes, you can turn the impossible into possible, with a little bit of efforts.

Ok, let's cut the crap and jump into the project right away…

For your information, this POV globe is based on an Arduino (ATmega328P), which is capable of displaying monocolour bitmaps upto 72 pixels high and x width. The 72 LEDs allow the one input to get rotation speed instantly.

Arduino POV Globe

The Arduino byte array for the images is generated using the C# program, while the image displayed is synchronized to speed of motor using a reed switch. It enables the images to display around whole globe correctly. Also, it can maintain a constant position of the rotation as well.

Please keep in mind that the reed switch must be hot glued to globe cylinder. Beside that, you should keep your eyes on the magnet, where you have to ensure that the reed switch is close or next with it!

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