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tramite - You name it. We hack it. di Joe L il 04/12/09


If you've ever dabbled in 3d modeling, creating a design from nothing is an outstanding feeling. If only you could somehow export it to the real world…but 3D printers cost thousands of dollars, right? Wrong! While most high end 3d printers will set you back a few grand, you can pick up a MakerBot for DIY 3d printing at home for just $750.

Bre Pettis founded the company which uses spools of ABS plastic to create anything you can model in 3D. Check out the example project below where a design company created some salt and pepper shakers. While it's not exactly an exiciting hack or mod, it's a great demonstration of what the MakerBot can do.

More videos are available on their website for more inspiration on how you can use the product. You can even modify it to create your own PCBs. Another plus is that the ABS plastic spools it uses are dirt cheap so you can feel free to build as many object as you'd like. Overall, it's a superb product with limitless possibilities. Now if we could only get our hands on one… ;)


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