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laser sytem
You always see sophisticated laser systems in movies, but those are super expensive, right? Nah, with a simple red laser and a photocell, DIY laser security is simple. There are a few different ways to setup your system and we'll walk you through the process.

Laser systems work on the principal that if the laser is broken and isn't received by the photoresistor, the alarm is activated. Tiny mirrors discreetly placed around the rooms to convert a single beam into several beams forming a net which will surely be broken by an intruder. Here is a video of a laser system in action below:

When that beam is broken, there are numerous methods you can use to alert yourself or scare away the intruder. Firstly, you can use your computers parallel port to send yourself a text message via e-mail. This is outlined in this post. or you can set up an alarm system as detailed below.

laser tht

It's quite easy to build a laser alarm security system for under $20 using basic items you'll find lying around your house. These include the IR detector for most remote controls, electrical tape and a magnifying glass. This can easily be accomplished in just a few hours.

Often, setting up the laser system is not the problem for most. The touchy part is getting the laser and mirrors setup properly. So friends, you need not spend thousands of dollars on an expensive security system when you can create your own DIY security traps to accomplish the same job.

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