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Software IDE Arduino versione 18

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Whoops, we forgot to post up about this. Arduino 18 is out! There's improved support for 3rd party hardware, nice…

0018 – 2010.01.29

[core / libraries]

  • Added tone() and noTone() functions for frequency generation.
  • Added Serial.end() command.
  • Added precision parameter for printing of floats / doubles.
  • Incorporated latest version of Firmata.
  • Fixed bug w/ disabling use of the RW pin in the LiquidCrystal library.
  • No longer disabling interrupts in delayMicroseconds().
  • Fixed bug w/ micros() returning incorrect values from within an interrupt.
  • Fixed bug that broke use of analog inputs 8-15 on the Mega.


  • Synchronized with the Processing 1.0.9 code base, bringing various fixes, including to a bug causing saving to fail when closing the last sketch.
  • Added support for third-party hardware in the SKETCHBOOK/hardware folder, mirroring the current structure of the hardware folder in Arduino.
  • Added Ctrl-Shift-M / Command-Shift-M shortcut for serial monitor.
  • Hold down shift when pressing the Verify / Compile or Upload toolbar buttons to generate verbose output (including command lines).
  • Moving build (on upload) from the applet/ sub-folder of the sketch to a temporary directory (fixing problems with uploading examples from within the Mac OS X disk image or a Linux application directory).
  • Fixed bug the prevented the inclusion of .cpp and .h (or .c and .h) files of the same name in a sketch.
  • Improved the Mac OS X disk image (.dmg): added a shortcut to the Applications folder, a background image with arrow, and new FTDI drivers.

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