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tramite Embedded projects from around the web di admin il 27/04/10

Weather monitoring is pretty cool especially if your activity is related to climate changes. Or sometimes it is simply interesting to see the history in convenient format. Most temperature recorders are limited to blind logging to some media storage and current value display, but it is more fun to see temperature log right away without need to transfer data to PC and generate trace. So this project is actually what many will find useful and convenient.
It has a large 160×128 graphical LCD that is capable to display temperature and pressure trace over 3 days. The project is built around PIC16F876 microcontroller that is interfaced to Motorola MPX5100AP absolute pressure sensor and Maxim DS18S20 temperature sensor. So using such recorder will show how weather changed during last 3 days and will give some clue what's coming in near future due to barometric changes (increase of pressure indicates better while decreasing pressure leads to wet and muggy weather).

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