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Analizzatore stati logici 4 ch

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tramite Embedded projects from around the web di admin il 18/04/10

Logic analyzers are handy when dealing with multiple channels of digital signals. You may want to find failures in data lines, hack unknown devices and many more. So logic analyzer should place a decent place on your workbench. As logic analyzer isn't a device for everyday use especially if you have a two channel oscilloscope – buying it shouldn't be necessary. It is more fun to build one. Here is a pretty low budget logic analyzer built around PIC18F4580 microcontroller.
It has four channels operating at 200Hz to 2MHz sampling frequency. Its voltage input range is up to 5V. Each channel can hold 1024 samples in memory. Traces are displayed on standard 64×128 graphical display. Whole design is powered from standard 9V PP3 battery what makes it handy little device.

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